Friday, June 22, 2012

Assassin's Creed III Liberation Announced with New Female Lead

Female empowerment is well underway with Ubisoft's announcement of another Assassin's Creed game this time for the PS Vita. The new game is entitled Assassin's Creed III Liberation and is set in the US' New Orleans.

The new Vita game will star Aveline; yes a female assassin who much like AC III's Connor is a hybrid in terms of ethnicity and social status. You see Aveline's dad is a noble New Orlean kinda guy while her mother is a slave girl.

Anyway, check out the E3 trailer.

I like the concept and I like the idea, heck even if it is a dumbed down/ scaled down version of Assassin's Creed III I'd still buy it. 

Our lead character Aveline is kinda pretty as well. *tee-hee*

Specifics were given, however, on the game's PS3-unlocked goodies, which include "an in-game version of Connor's tomahawk, an exclusive character skin, a multiplayer character and a complete upgrade of all ammunition pouches."

Assassin's Creed III Liberation will be released Oct 30, 2012

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