Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who Died in The Walking Dead # 100

I've always stated for the record that I'm not a big fan of The Walking Dead but I really had to try out the #100 issue mainly because, well, its the 100th issue.

The Walking Dead 100-Zone- 000

Writer Robert Kirkman promised a death of a major character, let alone a character that's supposedly a fan favorite. Heck I was also half expecting that the aforementioned dead character would have to be Rick Grimes, in a violent way too. Not to mention at the hands of zombies.

But the book took a different turn when Rick's group decided to warn the residents of Hilltop about Negan's planned attack. It's this decision that causes the death of long time character Glenn.

The Walking Dead 100-Zone- 021

The Walking Dead 100-Zone- 022

Its not just the violent nature of the issue that struck me. It's also the slow and painful death of a character that's been there since the early heydays of the Walking Dead.

And to think that the group is still in the process of mourning the death of Abraham. Oh and it was only a few issues back that Glenn decided to ask Maggie to stay in Hilltop.

The Walking Dead 100-Zone- 024

Robert Kirkman is half twisted and half genius with the way he delivers the story. No explosions, no awesome, cool character defining moments. Just a really sad and painful (not to mention heartbreaking) moment for one of the characters that has stuck into reader's consciousness.

The Walking Dead 100-Zone- 030


Special thanks to Comicx Hub for the early copy. I usually get my books Tuesday nights guys here in the Philippines just in case your a pinoy and you want to get your books early.


  1. I think Kirkman shot himself in the foot here. Negan is a really substandard villain and they USED Glenn's death just to be a significant event in the 100th issue and to make the new villain look "threatening". The governer had around TWENTY issues of buildup! It was AWESOME and CATASTROPHIC when so many characters were picked off in #48. This is stupid and pointless. I'm done with this series. There's why.

    1. I agree, actually. I haven't bought the past few issues, and this pretty much cements my departure from the series. No big fanfare, no anger, just boredom with how trite and tepid this was. It's like Kirkman's just down to slaughtering anyone who's left and he has nothing else to give us.

      Seriously, is there any more reason to read? Everyone's dead. We have Andrea, Rick, Sophia, and Carl. Guess what? They're all going to die too. La-dee-ad.

  2. Totally disagree. The governor and Negan are very different threats. The governor was out of control, and killed primarily for his own ego. Negan, while probably not the sanest, is a warlord. He kills without passion, just to maintain control through fear. He killed Glen in as horrific a way as he could solely to devastate the leaders of a group he wanted to bring into his tribute. The governor was never interested in letting the Grimes crew survive, whereas Negan acknowledges several times that he needs the good guys alive so he can continue extorting supplies from them. It's sort of getting in to the opportunities that organized societies present for massively organized criminal elements to survive by parasitizing them. It's a new threat that Rick and the readers had failed to fully understand, and I'm interested to see how the story resolves. Hope it doesn't end well for the bastard...

  3. Doesn't matter how you justify it. Killing Glen is practically killing the series. Glen represents the every man and the little extra as the asian guy. I tolerate the walking dead because of this, now that he is gone I have no reason to follow the series.
    There will always be a line drawn with how much your audience can tolerate. For me this moment is it. I will not follow walking dead any longer.
    It is Kirkmans perogative to do whatever he wants since its his story but it also the audience perogative to choose to read/watch it.
    The more hardcore fans will probably keep up with comics and show, but the average fan like me...will just find something else. It's really that simple.