Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Choose Your Favorite AvX Characters for AvX Minimates Boxset

This year, Diamond Select Toys is all about letting the fans choose. With the Marvel Minimates Series 50 Fan Poll in its final week at Marvel.com, yet another poll has launched over at Toysrus.com!

This fall, the Website -- as well as Toys "R" Us stores nationwide -- will carry a Minimates box set based on AvX: Avengers vs. X-Men, the Marvel Comics crossover event of the year, and they're letting the fans pick the line-up!

 The poll consists of three (3) X-Men characters and three (3) Avengers characters. The top four (4) will officially be the Minimate figures that will be sold in the box set.

Emma Frost Phoenix Five AvX Minimates Poll

Just as with last year's Heralds of Galactus box set, six characters -- three Avengers and three X-Men -- are up for voting, and only four will make it into this fall's box set. Fans can choose from Scarlet Witch, Protector, Phoenix-Buster Iron Man (with basic Iron Man underneath) and Phoenix-powered versions of Cyclops, Emma Frost and Colossus. The poll will be up until July 14, and later this summer DST will reveal the final line-up! Check out the full character art below, and go vote at toysrus.com!

Colossus Phoenix Five AvX Minimates Poll

While I'm sure half of the toy collectors out there were already waiting for other Phoenix Five related goodies, there's also ONE THING BETTER that is in the poll and that is none other than the PHOENIX BUSTER ARMOR...

Phoenix Buster AvX Minimates Poll

Not only is this figure big, its also supposed to have an Iron Man figure inside it. DST sure knows how make their fans slobber at their products eh?

Iron Man AvX Minimates Poll

Or could it be that I'm reading it wrong and that the Phoenix Buster parts are actually just snap on accessories that will come with the set. Either way I'm totally voting for this.

The two other Avengers related stuff that are also in the running to actually become these small scale figures are Scarlet Witch (who is set to debut in AvX Act Two) and The Protector (aka Marvel Boy).

Scarlet Witch Minimates Avengers vs X-Men Poll

Not really pleased with the selection of Protector, this guy had a lot of potential being an Avenger but the guys at Marvel decided to downplay him during AvX Act One and have him betray the team for the Kree. He was also shanghaied in a Kree planet by the Secret Avengers in last weeks issue with no way of returning. Plus not only did Beast threaten to kill him if he returns to Earth, he's also wanted for by the 616 Kree for betraying them. 

So poor guys had it rough.

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