Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spoilers for Justice League # 10

Heads up for spoilers and questions for Justice League # 10 from DC Comics written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee and Gary Frank.

  • David Graves finds some fallen deities somewhere in India. They give him the power that he needs to extract vengeance on the league.
An asura that powers up David Graves

  • Aquaman rescues people, gets interviewed, gets insulted.
  • Vibe gets mentioned

  • First appearance of Aquaman's supporting cast/ advisor, Vulko
  • The League discuss about how Graves attack their rogues including Cheetah and Captain Cold. 
  • Steve Trevor tries to escape Graves but gets attack by the villain's ghost monsters/ projectile
  • Graves finally engages the League. Wipes the floor in as little as three pages. 
SHAZAM backup
  • Billy Batson escapes, Freddie Freeman follows.
  • We meet Tawky Tawny (awwww) who happens to be the tiger from Billy's photo.
  • Doctor Sivana who gets his magical sharinggan   eye finally deciphers the secret of the cave and speaks the magical words SHAZAM.
  • Poof *Black Adam* appears

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