Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deleted Scenes from Amazing Spider-Man Set in The Lizard's Lair

Minor spoilers abound...

After watching Columbia Picture's The Amazing Spider-Man and doing the ASM review as well, I thought about what happened to the Indian guy who was hasslin' Curt Connors during the first half of the film.

Now with the help of Collider, we actually find more about him. While the final cut that was shown in "The Amazing Spider-Man" felt like it had depth, the final fate of Connors' immediate supervisor was never shown. 

In fact I was beginning to suspect that this guy's fate was actually left at the hands of the viewers, giving him a more open-ended appearance for the film.

Apparently its not cut and dried like that as some of the deleted scenes coming from the movie featured an encounter between Connors and Peter Parker below the city streets. In my estimation this was roughly around the time that Parker returned to The Lizard's underground/secret laboratory.

As I recall, it was the scene where Andrew Garfield snuck in and checked the video diary of Connors. If you still can't remember it, it was the scene that showed how The Lizard would turn the rest of Manhattan island into Lizard Island.

Based on the cut that I reviewed for Amazing Spider-Man (which was the same cut that was used to do the Flipgeeks review of The Amazing Spider-Man), we never saw the underground encounter. Heck it was never explained why all of a sudden we see Connors reaching the surface wearing his trademark labcoat.

Hopefully we get to see this on the DVD/Bluray version of the film, which I wouldn't mind buying if it has some goodies bundled together with it.

Via [Collider]

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