Sunday, July 15, 2012

The New Mark VIII Armor for Iron Man 3

... looks ugly.

Sorry. Just saying my piece here.

For a moment there I really thought I was looking at a concept series 6 inch action figure of Iron Man (silly stuff like the Arctic Stealth armor Iron Man).

Maybe I'm wrong when I say that its ugly but Marvel Studios and the people behind the armor should really look at going back to the drawing boards.

It's not EXTREMIS enough but rather more BLEEDING EDGE armor.

Now before further hatin' commences, here's the thing. Note that in Iron Man 2 (which I loved BTW screw you haters!) the promotional materials focused ferociously on the Mark V which was only used in the film for a good 7 to 10 minutes.

So maybe this is going to be the case. Maybe Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. gets the Mark VII thrashed builds the Mark VIII, gets it thrashed or damaged as well and then debuts the Mark XI armor.

Sounds like a nice strategy. Hope Shane Black pulls this off properly.

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