Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Weird About "The Bourne Legacy" Clip Shot in the Philippines

... maybe its the fact that all the Filipino cops that have dialogues in the movie seems so, scripted?


Here's the clip from the upcoming movie which stars Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross and Rachel Weisz as Cross' love interest.

So if you don't know what happens in this scene, its this, local buwayas  crocs err I mean cops try to arrest Aaron Cross, Rachel Weisz's character Marta distracts the police to help Cross escape.

There's nothing wrong with the action or the chase scenes in the alleyways of Manila. What actually weirded me out were the police. For crying out loud couldn't they have acted a little bit more... natural.

I heard one of these coppers say "Hinto!" which in English is "Stop". But in the real world, away from the silver screen, you'd usually hear them go:

"P*****a mo ka, tigil!"

and when the perp still evades them they'd go and fire their warning shot indiscriminately probably killing a civilian or two.

They don't just go and say "hinto" and actually expect you to stop.

Oh and the lady that Marta bumps into and screams? I could've sworn I've seen her somewhere.

Aside from that "The Bourne Legacy" hits local theaters August 2012.

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