Thursday, June 20, 2013

Age of Ultron # 10 Spoiler Heavy Review - How Angela Came to the 616 Marvel Universe

The question half of the Marvel fans are asking now that Age of Ultron # 10 has been released is how did Spawn character Angela reach the Marvel Universe. Here's a simple explanation. Be warned though, spoilers from Age of Ultron # 10 as well as a few other issues.

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Okay, I just find it really weird that Marvel used this 'event' as an avenue for launching Neil Gaiman's Angela character into the 616 Marvel Universe. There's really something odd. 

The long and short of this is that due to Wolverine's continuous tampering of the timestream, the very fabric of reality just hurt itself. .Back in AOU # 9 we find Wolverine attempting to talk down his past self from killing Hank Pym, before he even decides to create Ultron. [It's already a headache but trust me it gets worst]. 

Before we even take a breather this happens to the rest of the Marvel Universe:

Thanks to Wolverine, the timeline rips, and during that time, Angela gets pulled into the 616 Universe.

She's effectively stuck in the 616 because the rift that spit her out just closed. Sucks for her.

But that's not where the effects end as we also witness the coming of Galactus into the Ultimate Universe; and it's actually the new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales that notices that this is happening. It looks like the rumors are true that Marvel either plans to end the Ultimate Universe or have the 616 come into contact with their alternate reality counterparts. 

OK now for the hard part. It's a bitter pill to swallow but the truth is that Age of Ultron wasn't necessary. There are a ton of different ways with which Angela could've entered the Marvel Universe. X-Man was pulled from the AOA dimension and there was never fanfare for that even if the character subsequently had his own series. 

Point is, I just think that it's absurd to build something as big as 'big' as Age of Ultron just to usher in one character. Secondly, what the hell happened to Ultron? For something that's entitled AGE OF ULTRON, the main villain just isn't visible enough. In fact, we never see the real Ultron until issue 10 and it's also the big boss fight. 

Still, the series has a couple of strengths on it's belt such as great art, nice metas here and there plus some nice Wolverine moments. 

 There's the reveal that Ultron was actually controlling the Vision from the future where it would be hard to attack him.

Props to that time when Wolverine and Invisible Woman travels to the 'present' and finds that the world is broken, Thor is dead and there's a way between Technology and Magic. Oh and Captain America leads a team now known as the Defenders.

Verdict: 6/10

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