Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DC Comics to Launch Justice League 3000 Book with JLI Team

Bleeding Cool breaks a story of how DC Comics plans to release a new 'future' book featuring the Justice League 3000.

The popculture rumor site is also insinuating that the Flash-like character with the red hair is actually the long missing Wally West and that this is the Donna Troy Wonder Woman we're actually seeing.

Meanwhile, here's the hi-res versions from CBR of the concept art for Justice League 3000 by Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire and JM DeMatteis.







Parting shot: You know, it still doesn't make sense why legacy characters like Wally and Donna don't appear in the New 52 continuity. It's sad but this new Justice League project sure fills out that void while letting DC be coy about the status of the 'real' Wally, Donna and hell even Stephanie Brown.

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