Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fables # 129 - Where the Hero Falls

Fables # 129 ends with such a somber note with a death and some political dealings to boot.


In this issue we see the final fate of Bigby Wolf and the clash between Snow White and her first husband, Prince Brandish. Of course, that's after the shocking turn of events from last issue (Fables # 128)...


oh and yes, Bigby is still a crystallized wolf.


The pair duel throughout the issue with some exchanges here and there until by the end, Snow decides to end Brandish's madness once and for all.



As a fan, this broke my heart much as how the Starks were murdered in Game of Thrones. It's just so sad. And Bigby Wolf didn't even get a chance to really hurt Brandish. Tsk. After this, the kid gloves come off and Brandish gets to meet the pointy edge of Snow White's sword...


True to his words, Snow's victory is bittersweet in the sense that she might have killed her allegedly 'first husband' she also lost the love of her life, the big bad wolf..


Gotta admire Bill Willingham's writing for this one. He proves once again that Snow White is a character that should never be trifled with. Plus that she's a very strong woman to boot. She doesn't even break down while telling her kids about the death of their father.


Oh and if you're in this book for the politics, you'll be happy to know that there still is some bit of politics, namely the upcoming negotiations for the wedding of former Emperor Gepetto and the Blue Fairy. And even that doesn't bode well with the Blue Fairy airing her doubts and hesitation through her representative the Lady of the Lake.

Let's just sing for Bigby one last time:

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