Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justice League # 21 Spoilers

In this issue of Justice League # 21 we find out the fate of Black Adam, plus what happens to Billy Batson's foster siblings as well as a look of things to come for wielder of the power of the wizard Shazam.

Justice League 21 Spoilers 1

In this issue, which takes a break from any kind of Justice League action, we catch the seven deadly sins finding their new host in Mr. Bryer...

Justice League 21 Spoilers 2

This turns the wealthy man into a demon. In another part of town Black Adam takes Billy's foster siblings hostage; in exchange for their safety, Billy must surrender the power of the wizards to Black Adam for him to gain full strength. Billy does so but instead of giving it to Adam, he gives it to his siblings transforming them into this:

Justice League (2011-) 021-008

It's the same concept with saw back in Johns' Flashpoint event book two years ago. Anyway, since they're all superpowered, a prompt beating on Black Adam ensues...

Justice League (2011-) 021-010

Billy and Adam's fight leads them on a different area of Fawcett City while the rest of the Marvel family decide to save people's lives and fight off the 7 Deadly Sins...

Justice League (2011-) 021-016

Meanwhile Shazam and Black Adam's fight, the pair lands in the zoo; Billy gives the seventh power to the tiger Mr. Tawny who proceeds to slash Black Adam.

Justice League (2011-) 021-019

There's a couple of heroic splash pages...

Justice League (2011-) 021-021

Shazam reverts back to his human form and tricks Black Adam to do so as well and this happens...

Justice League (2011-) 021-024

Shazam does him a mercy and transforms back to the Big Cheese.

Justice League (2011-) 021-025

As for Dr. Sivana, he meets an unexpected ally.

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