Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lana Asanin Guest Stars in Ambush Comics

I remember a time when I had a minor crush with Lana Asanin, that was back when she was still appearing in "Eat Bulaga". Time moved on and now it's 2013, and suddenly, she's back. Well, kinda as Andrew Villar unveils Ms. Asanin guest-starring in his long running strip Ambush.

Here's what's written in Ambush's Facebook page: AMBUSH 2013: BIG things are happening in AMBUSH. Too big that Ambush will be needing some help, "SUPER" help! Story arc starts this JULY 2013!
Lana Asanin (approved by her) is guest starring in our strip as L.A.N.A. One of the superheroes who will help Ambush. Read this only in the Manila Bulletin!
Like Lana's page: Lana Asanin

More celebrity guests to be announced later!

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  1. Lana Asanin is incredibly beautiful and talented. I will love the comics.