Monday, July 8, 2013

Avengers A.I. # 1 Review

Reviewing Avengers A.I. # 1 by Sam Humphries and Andre Lima Araujo for Marvel Comics.

Soooooo. another Avengers book eh. Well color me delighted with this one. It actually spins from the ending of Age of Ultron #10 and #10AI (which was a retrofitted history lesson about Hank Pym). And though I failed to review 10AI I can certainly say that I loved that one.

In this issue, the same madcap capers and A.I. hijinks that Pym is very much used to is still present. In fact it triples during the middle and if the cover (and ending) is any indicator, it's going to quadruple next issue. So what's the lowdown in this book. SHIELD drones go missing Hank Pym is the primary suspect. He assembles a new team of 'Avengers' to combat this threat specifically. He includes Runaways member Victor Mancha, a newly rebooted Vision and a refurbished Doombot as his main team. 

On Hank Pym: I love the current Hank Pym. We sort of admit that he's crazy and that it's usually good crazy. We also know that he's partly responsible for the evolution of the anti-ultron virus and it's also his goal to eradicate that task. I love that he's kooky and brash and that he's decided to forgo using any alias. 

On the Avengers roster for A.I.: The team is a nice pairing.We have Victor Mancha working together with his 'brother' Vision or Vizh (which I prefer to calling him because it's so ghetto). They work well and complement each other a hundred percent. Plus I like how they're not fighting unlike other comic book stories where when one brother shows up, you can bet that the next issue would be a dragged out, 22 page fight. This one is better and simpler. And they get along. 

On Doombot: Damn, Doombot was the almost star of this issue. From belittling his 'teammates' to showing the drones who's boss, this version of the Doombot spells badass with a capital letter B.

Verdict: 10/10 

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