Friday, July 12, 2013

Marvel Teases Inhumanity after Infinity

Infinity hasn't even started and Marvel is already gung-ho in showing what's in store for the 616 Marvel Universe when the dust settles between the Avengers, Thanos and the Builders. Enter Inhumanity:

It's a novel idea how they want to work this new 'overreaching' arc. It follows the principle of a banner like how Dark Reign spins off from the ending of Secret Invasion and Heroic Age started after the 'Big Three' reunion in Siege

And yet, if you read the first article that was published on EW's Popwatch, you'll understand that this is also a tie-in to the new "Inhumans" book which is written by Da Vinci's Demons writer Matt Fraction. 

Another thing that's interesting here is how they plan on homaging and skewering the classic "Earth X" storyline. It's like a 21st Century take on a legendary story.

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