Friday, July 19, 2013

The Lone Ranger Review

I'm curious as to why US moviegoers and critics are panning Gore Verbinski's THE LONE RANGER starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp? Anyway here's my review. 

It's a modern take on a classic character. Hammer plays John Reid, a district attorney turned lawman turned masked outlaw and bandit. He's out for justice against Butch Cavendish (William Fitchner) and joins up with Tonto (Depp). 

The movie was OK in my book. I'm not too crazy about it but it does have some beauty to it. That of course might be a death knell since there are other writers/bloggers (especially in the United States) that detest the picture. I'm not one of them though. Simply put, THE LONE RANGER is your standard Summer Blockbuster flick filled with explosions and what not. Still it does hits and misses along the way. 

I thought the Lone Ranger was a fun movie. A couple of laughs here and there, thanks to Johnny Depp who transforms from Captain Jack Sparrow into Comanche mystery man Tonto. But just like the thick facepaint he has on for the rest of the movie, looks can be very deceiving. Hammer on the other hand falters then saddles right back up all throughout the movie. 

What irks me about Lone Ranger is that there are a couple of loose ends that they seem to have forgotten or neglected altogether. We're supposed to accept that Silver is a spirit horse? Just like that? We never find out how the heck Tonto's survived all those years and more importantly we never find out whether what he's been saying's been the truth all along. Simply put, we just have to accept everything.

Credit where it's due; the set piece/ action sequences for THE LONE RANGER was nice. Well thought of although it's got flaws. That final 'fight' onboard two runaway trains also packed a  punch. It's entertaining as heck. Visuals were nice. I can see great cinematography here blended with dated CG for the movements of Reid's horse which makes it look fake. 

Couple of added comments:

- Other than to follow tradition, why was Helena Bonham Carter added in the film? They could've done without her. Was she really necessary here??
- There's supposed to be a romance element here but I could hardly see any hint or glimmer. By the time we get back to that front, we hardly care anymore. Plus no chemistry between the two. 
- Fichtner was creepy as Butch Cavendish but he was really under utilized throughout the movie. Still, if the guy can do scary bad guy for meta movies such as THE LONE RANGER then at least we can sleep soundly knowing that there's hope for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's baddie The Shredder.
- The movie tends to drop the ball in some cases where a decent action scene could've been placed. It's not bad, more like out-of-synch. 

Verdict: Overall, I wouldn't call THE LONE RANGER bad. I'd call it promising (if I were to be positive about it). There were so many rooms, so many gaps that could still be treated to make THE LONE RANGER's star/badge shine a little brighter. At the moment, were currently unsure whether or not we'll see a sequel but maybe when they do so, they get it right. 

The Lone Ranger NOW SHOWING distributed locally by Walt Disney Pictures. 

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