Friday, July 12, 2013

The Owl # 1 Review

Reviewing The Owl # 1 written by JT Krul with art by Heubert Khan Michael and cover by Alex Ross from Dynamite Entertainment. This is of course is done in partnership with Castle Geek and Comicx Hub.

Wanted to get my fix of pulp and detective stories so I picked up Dynamite's "The Owl". JT Krul never did wrong by me (although that's not the case with the more die-hard Green Arrow fans) and I'm always happy to see published art by my friend Heubert Khan Michael. 

Nick Terry is the Owl and he's been gone for half a century. Now that he's back, he seems lost more than ever. That alone is a pretty good plot. It's a pretty linear storyline and a used one at that but the way it's presented is fresh. 

Straightforward dialogue for this book, nothing to really go ga-ga over. However it's the small quirks and the character beat that makes up for the lack of grit. Still we can see the slow planting of seeds for future arcs here in this book. Halfway through the story and it we're already treated to a nice mystery already. Good times still. I loved Terry's drive for justice; seeking to right all wrongdoings whenever he can. 

It's really the art and the pacing that makes it very interesting. Michael's art is just to die for here in the book; and that's totally unbiased. The movement that The Owl does is very dynamic. The artist conveys so much raw power and confidence in each panel where we see don't even have to worry that the guy will get hurt while working.

For me the biggest turn off here would have to be the magical element, the urn. It's a deus ex machina back in the old days and it's being used once more. It does help however that we see Black Terror in suspended animation albeit in a short panel. Without the urn, this would've been rock solid, a tale of heroism and duty and justice with a flare of mystery on the side. 

Will I buy it: Yes, The Owl # 1 is a good issue, again with some rough edges but it does have it's charm. It's really easy to sell this character in spite of having 20 to 30 different 'heroes' having the same M.O. as he does. A couple more polishing here and there and it has the makings of a truly great book. 

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Verdict: 8.5/ 10

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