Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced

Capcom is still not done milking whatever money gamers have for their Street Fighter IV franchise as the video game company announced Ultra Street Fighter IV during the grand finals for EVO 2013.

What's so different about this one?

Well they've chucked in four additional players:

  • Poison
  • Hugo
  • Rolento
  • Elena

Plus they've also added 6 new stages and they've even thrown in all the previous DLCs for the other characters.

Frankly though, I'm not too pleased with this one. It's a lazy ass way of milking off money from players. They could have spent money on developing other games. 

In fact, this is starting to be a regular thing for Capcom. Remember how just recently they released that 'expansion' DRAGON'S DOGMA: DARK ARISEN? Yeah, you see the connection now don't you.

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