Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 Guns Movie Review

2 Guns - It's everything you really want from an action movie, maybe even more without having to go down the Michael Bay path.

2 Guns opens in a very non-linear story and it's a beautiful movie filled with beautiful people, badassery, explosions and double crosses. It's a perfect movie if you're simply looking to simmer down from all the emo-filled chick flicks that are coming out lately.

The film stars Denzel Washington as Bobby and Mark Wahlberg as Stig, two unlikely partners each carrying their own secrets. After pulling a heist things go awry and before they (and we) know it, we're running up and down the Mexican border looking for a billions of dollars worth of dirty money.

With recent turn of events, this movie might be considered as your gateway to everything that director Baltasar Kormákur has done. And why is this important you ask? Well, you see, Kormakur's name is being linked to a Hollywood adaptation of the recent Erik Matti hit "On The Job". This and "Contraband" anyway.

I like the movie for a couple of reasons. One is that it's one huge cat-and-mouse game with multiple double crosses and stuff. You can't trust anybody in the movie except maybe for Washington's character who, despite having a role that's as untrustworthy as a drug junkie in a stranger's sari-sari store, and that's actually saying a lot. 

Surprisingly there were a couple of Laugh-out-loud moments in "2 Guns". One of the best being Wahlberg's line about a certain baddie looking like a "Mexican Einstein". Again the laughs are hard to come by but when they do, you'll laugh. 

I love the posturing here and the literal Mexican standoff. You may not want to believe that somebody can be as accurate with a lowly pistol but 2 Guns suspends that belief. I mean c'mon, you seriously can't believe that a .45 caliber gun can take out an attack chopper that's flying in at a low level. That's physically impossible. And yet they do that and more. 

Other notables in the film are James Marsden and Paula Patton. Eye candy material, some tend to think that Mrs. Blurred Lines mammary glands were the real '2 Guns'. And after seeing that scene I'm inclined to say yes! 

1175995 - 2 Guns

Oh and Bill Paxton as Earl (?!) is also a welcome addition to this weird yet great film. That and that last fight scene was all the elements that made me love this movie. So good in fact that I plan on getting the DVD when it comes out locally. 

And did I mention that this was actually a loosely based adaptation of a graphic novel of the same title written by Steven Grant with art by Mateus Santolouco

Giving this film a -B. It did not disappoint and was actually surprisingly funny. But it did falter a couple of times. If anything it's a good subversion on the whole "buddy cop" trope we've seen millions of times on the big screen. 

2 Guns is NOW SHOWING and locally distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines

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