Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Reasons Why We Riot if Justin Bieber Becomes Robin

Justin Bieber recently took to Instagram as to what script he's got on his hands and it does not bode well for fans of Batman, Superman and everything good about DC Comics properties.

The funny thing is that the photo got over 350,000 likes which mostly consists of pre-pubescent to adolescent 'beliebers' who mistake good looks for talent. 

Anyway, as the title to this post goes, here's 7 Reasons why WE FUCKING RIOT IF JUSTIN BIEBER BECOMES ROBIN.

7.  There is only one blonde Robin and she's female.

Only one blonde Robin and that's perennial fan-favorite Stephanie Brown. She's currently absent in the comic books, mostly because Dan Didio had her abducted and kept in a safe house outside the States together with Wally West and Donna Troy. Going back to the point, we really don't need another blonde Robin. It's a major no-thanks, even if they cast Bieber as Stephanie Brown. 

6. We don't need another Chris O'Donnell

Don't get me wrong, Chris O'Donnell was a good cinematic universe Robin during the time that Batman Forever and hell even during Batman and Robin. But that's all in the past now. We really don't need another version of this kind of Robin in the movies. Plus at least O'Donnell really knows how to act; Beiber I'm not so inclined to think that much. Also we already have a non-Robin actor in Joseph Gordon Levitt.

5. Man of Steel 2/ World's Finest is Not a Concert

Remember the last movie that Bieber appeared in was a cinematic version of his concert. in effing 3D. So no thanks again.

4. Zack Snyder chooses well

Sure we might prattle on and on how the casting of Ben Affleck was bad or how Henry Cavill does not follow the standard archetypes for Superman but we know deep down that the guy does make some sound choices for his cast. JFC, just look at how spot on Gerard Butler was as King Leonidas in "300" and tell me that the director doesn't know his actors. 

3. Bieber isn't part of the Nolan Family

It's pretty obvious that Nolan has a specific group of people or posse for the films he make. Matilda Cottilard for example was in TDKR and in Inception while Anne Hathaway was in TDKR plus in upcoming "Interstellar". That being said, the guy follows a certain selection process. Since Bieber doesn't fit in Snyder's mold, he'll likely appeal to Nolan and I don't think the guy would approve of this farce.

2. Robin does not Dance

Take whichever iteration of Robin from the comics (or revert once again to the movie version of Robin) and you'll notice that no one dances. It's not that dancing is bad, it's more about dancing like an idiot that's casting a bad light for the Boy Wonder.


The top reason why Bieber should not be Robin isn't about his looks or what he does for a living but rather how he treats people. The kid is a poster child for all things good about youth, heck he was created solely with the idea of appealing to the younger audience and to give Batman, a really dark and brooding character, a bit of light. He doesn't go out of his balcony at broad daylight and spit at fans below. 

I guess we just have to wait and see whether or not this will blow over or (and by god I hope it does) this is just a simple joke on the pop star's part. That or it's a really bad joke.

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