Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Michael Jai White is the Bronze Tiger for Arrow Season 2

Michael Jai White has been a lot of things during his career. He's been the Tattooed Man, Spawn, Black Dynamite Mortal Kombat's Jackson 'Jax' Briggs and even had a short appearance in The Dark Knight as Gambol. Now he wants to be Wolverine.

I'm kidding he actually plays Suicide Squad staple Bronze Tiger in the TV show "Arrow". He's shown here holding Stephen Amell's Green Arrow as hostage.

The guy was on the same level as Batman in terms of Kung-fu and Karate skills. So let's see how Ollie fares against this guy. Oh and it's pretty cool that they have Amanda Waller in the second season! yehey!

Incidentally, here's a poster for Arrow Season 2 featuring the guys. Ladies, bring out your lunch [LINK]

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