Thursday, September 19, 2013

Powered Up Alfred Pennyworth Fights Superman - Injustice # 36 Spoilers

Just a short one really. I give you a super powered Alfred Pennyworth kicking the crap out of Superman.

So there was a fight in the Batcave which resulted in this panel:

Seeing how things have turned out, Alfred takes matters into his own hands and takes some weird pills which makes him Superman level strong and then proceeds to pound the Man of Steel to a bloody pulp. Here's the killing blow.

TBH, I just browsed the book so I don't have the full details on this fight. But the moment Superman was down for the count, Alfred helps Bruce Wayne back on his feet...

... and teleports out of the Batcave to parts unknown. Too bad nobody took a picture because this would've really shamed Injustice-verse Superman.

Time for the digital version of "Injustice" to say goodbye for now as this is the final issue. The book will be back next year so don't worry. Oh and if you're going to say "why are you bothering with this book"; I'm in it for the laughs and the silliness of the whole plot. Take your mind away from what's "legit" and just read Injustice already and be thankful this isn't what's happening in the New 52. Or is it?

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