Monday, September 16, 2013


Got the chance to see Warner Bros. Pictures' "WE'RE THE MILLERS" and I must say I loved it. Here's why you're going to love this comedy flick.

We're The Millers is your typical family adventure movie turned sideways then given a pretty bad attitude (in a good way). It retains all the traditional stuff that most comedies featuring families have and they even have the archetypes here. The only smart difference is that they're not really a family.

Funnyman Jason Sudeikis leads the charge here as David Miller, the drug dealer who's in the middle of everything. David is tasked to go to Mexico to gather as I quote Ed Helm's character "a smidge and a half" of mari-juana. To pull this off he recruits his hot and sassy stripper neighbor Rose (Aniston), another neighbor Kenny (Pouter) and a reckless, runaway Casey to bring along as his fake family. Hilarity ensues. 

Sudeikis isn't rubbing off as a good leading man for me but he still brings the laughs in this movie. Good thing he's got a stellar cast behind him to save him including a slow-clap worthy performance for Jennifer Aniston who proves that she's got the goods (both literally and figuratively). 

Emma Roberts' role here was a nice change of pace as she's a bad girl who has a soft and sweet inner side. She's gone a long way from her teeny booper role in "Valentine's Day" and "Nancy Drew". Plus she's an eye candy. Will Pouter is practically a newcomer for Hollywood films but he does hold his own comedy wise against SNL man Sudeikis and FRIENDS star Aniston. 

One of the things that annoys me with the Millers is that it could've stood on it's own, with it's cast but they had to rely on added support from RON SWANSON himself Nick Offerman. Offerman and co. roles here suddenly expand towards the third act, something I wasn't really expecting. Still fun though. 

Like I said, this could be a highly sexed up version of RV and "Vacation" but it won't stop you from laughing. There's this also a bit in the film featuring a suddenly short Luis Guzman wanting to get fellatio or a bribe. Or that kinda racy moment where Pouter gets to tongue kiss both Aniston and Roberts while Sudeikis takes a video. Trust me it looks kinkier than it reads. 

If there's any real grand reason to see We're the Millers, it's (and I'm saying this in a pragmatic and non-chauvinistic way) because of this. 

Yup. Really, go see it. It's worth the admission price in terms of laughs.

We're The Millers opens Sept. 18 and is locally distributed by WARNER BROS. PICTURES PHIL. 

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