Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A List of Alleged Online Scammers for SEOs and Content Writers

Content Writing is a tough job. As a content writer I need to fucking write hundreds and hundreds of articles on various subjects. Not only that we also have to adhere to a number or rules and disciplines and more importantly make the articles good enough or passable for the SEO Industries' standards. And then we get scammed after all our hard work.

I've been a member of this Facebook group for Pinoy Content Writers (join the group HERE) and this was shared earlier today. Let's not fall victim to these idiots that take advantage of our financial needs.

Oh and watch out for this email address: angelfuero@gmail.com. His/her photo would be that of Shailyn Woodley. Person will offer anywhere between $10 - $50 for your articles then run away.

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