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Reviewing CARRIE starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore from Columbia Pictures.

The Carrie remake is just as scary and grossly amusing as the first one with Sissy Spacek. Moretz did justice to Sissy Spacek's classic role of teenage telekinetic. Not only that Moretz and the movie itself brings some modern sensibilities to the classic Stephen King story.

So what's to like about this one. For starters (and I'm still raving about this till now) Julianne Moore's performance here in this film is up there. The proper term for the film was "epistolary horror" and boy did Moore's acting as deeply religious Margaret White bring about the term. Not only that, the physicality and visuals that Moore conveyed was pretty hardcore here. In fact there was a scene in the film where I really thought I was watching Guillermo Del Toro's "Mama" rather than a Carrie remake.

1146139 - CARRIE

Chloe Grace Moretz was good as the troubled teener Carrie. I said good not great because there were moments wherein she just didn't really convince me that she was troubled at all borderline 'lazy acting' is what I'd say. but she still shines bright (like a diamond) when the scene requires anger, shyness or sadness. She's grown leaps and bounds since her days as Hit-Girl. Still not too convincing particularly in those slow, 'romantic' moments.

1146139 - CARRIE
Carrie: a little too late for the 'Red Wedding'

The visuals for "Carrie" was neat. This film was good in my opinion because it didn't use shock value or too much gore. Gore level here is actually minimal except if you count the pig blood and seeing levitating things stabbing crazy women.

The beauty of this remake lies in the underlying message. Bullying is bad. It destroys people's lives. It's a sort of beautifully tragic reminder to what society is doing to people who appear weak. I guess that's one of the great things about having a female director at the helm of a movie about sexuality, feminism and teenagers.

1146139 - CARRIE
San Ka Galing lalake ka?

There's a couple of plot points I'd like to point out but that'd be flogging a dead horse. After all it's been decades since the first Carrie and this new version is a clear indication that they lifted everything from the first movie adaptation. Not changing anything also worked for this remake mainly because it avoids some no-no's like the thread about Carrie being a product of marital rape (which was in the original King story).


Special thanks to Columbia Pictures Philippines. CARRIE is now showing in all Cinemas nationwide.

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