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Here's a couple of things that were pretty interesting from INFINITY # 4 by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver.

So over in the ruins of Attilan, Thanos and Blackbolt resume their fight. Of course Thanos figures out that the first scream that Black Bolt released was also used to detonate the terrigen mist bomb across Earth.

Yes it actually sucked that Thanos beats Black Bolt in one-on-one combat.

In another part of the world, in that hidden Inhuman settlement, we meet Thane, in his 'human' form.

Sadly, that's all shortlived as the Terrigen Mist wave coming from the explosion in Attilan heads their way and transforms everybody, Thane included.

Thane emerges in a new form, one that looks a lot like his dear old dad.

Meanwhile in Space, particularly in the Kree homeworld of Hala, Captain America sends in his emissary after surrendering to the conquering Builder. Unfortunately for the Builder, Cap sends the one who controls the thunder and the one who's coming out with a movie on October 30... THOR...

Thor shows that he surrenders by hurling his hammer Mjolnir into space and then gets slapped in the face by that obnoxious, little prawn Builder.

So while the Builder is doing his litany AND preparing to kill Thor, Mjolnir has already made a full circle and is hurtling back to it's owner.

And then Thor proceeds to bring the hammer down, so to speak...

He then delivers the killing blow to the arrogant little Builder...

And spouts something, the Bay-verse Optimus Prime would say. Oh and then he poses with the hammer bearing Accusers of Hala including Ronan the Accuser...

Thing suddenly went from INTERESTING to VERY INTERESTING...

What are you waiting for, get your copies now. 

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