Monday, October 14, 2013

Jay Tablante Presents Marian Rivera as Wonder Woman

Kicking it old school here in by posting this magnificent work of art done by Jay Tablante.

I love the small touches that Mr. Tablante took to ensure that the reigning FHM Philippines queen looked like the Amazon Warrior princess. 

One thing I noticed here was the added 'touch up' effect that made Marian/ Diana look like she was painted by the legendary Alex Ross as opposed to just following traditional cosplay photography techniques. Anyway, below is the entirety of the photo:

Guess I'm gonna edit this, the moment I ask Jay for specifics on this beautiful, beautiful photo. 

Again disclaimer, I do not own the photo. The photo is property of Jay Tablante (as watermarked). Enjoy fanboys! 

You can follow Mr. Tablante on his facebook Fanpage and Deviantart

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