Friday, October 18, 2013

Superman/Batman # 4 Review

Reviewing Superman/ Batman # 4 by Greg Pak and Jae Lee

I was surprised that I actually liked this issue given that my Jae Lee taste went down for the past few issues. 

Not going to beat around the bush here, so the strongest part of this issue falls around the end. In some weird way we get to understand the motivations behind Darkseid's attack on Justice League's first story arc plus the start of "Earth 2" and goes down further to what's currently happening to that book. 

Pak scores a home run with an OK ending for the two pairs of Supermen and Batmen. In some way, it's like a fitting start to the careers of the New 52 version of the World's Finest and at the same time, a way for us to peer into the world of the 'Wonders' from Earth 2 which we were seriously deprived in Earth 2.

I like the tease for the ending and the possible return of the villain too. Plus that scene revisiting the kid from issue # 1 was a good call. A really good bookended story arc. 

I'd say this issue's one of the strongest issues that's been produced for the title. Can't wait for what Greg Pak, Jae Lee and the rest of the creative team will be revealing next. 

Verdict: B+

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