Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blue Bustamante Trailer Now Streaming

OK I'm totally vouching for this upcoming film BLUE BUSTAMANTE by Miko Livelo for a number of reasons. But before I do so, below is the trailer and the poster for the film which stars Joem Bascon as the titular BLUE BUSTAMANTE.

Poster done by the magnificent JP Cuison

I managed to snag a couple of minutes from the film's director Miko Livelo to catch up on the film and some quirks on the new trailer.

According to the film's director, they really wanted to get the legendary Ted Ito to sing "Ikaw Parin" but due to time constraints and other hindrances, it's not possible to do so. That of course paved the way for a more hilarious version (which we both still laugh at) as you can hear at around 00:04 of the trailer. 

Seriously, still can't help chuckle at the videoke-esque version they chose. And then seeing BAYAW Jun Sabayton just makes it really something worth seeing.

Altogether now....

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