Friday, November 29, 2013

Delivery Man Review

Caught Dreamworks Pictures' "Delivery Man" last night and I found it surprisingly good despite a so-so trailer. The film stars Vince Vaughn as Dave Wozniak, a man who finds out that he has fathered 500 or so kids thanks to a sperm bank. It also features Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders and is directed by Ken Scott.

And if you think this is an original, a quick Wikipedia check shows us that this is actually a remake of a 2011 French film entitled "Starbuck". Despite that, I think this is nice movie.


- Vince Vaughn was OK here. He's not the doofus nor the ass that we know him from other films. This one's a more mature Vaughn. Still if you look at him, it'll probably get you a snicker or two but thanks to the material and probably the director, this is a different Vaughn. In his case, different was good.

- Robin Scherbatsky Cobie Smulders. She looks beautiful whatever the scene. Not convincing as a police nor as a mother but her presence is definitely adds a little nice vibe to the movie. She's hot.

Let's go for another one...

And another one...

OK, enough Sherbatsky. 

- CHRIS PRATT! This guy stole the show for me. Each scene is pure genius. He plays Vaughn's best friend and attorney Brett who helps him out with legalities in this case. A lot of great comedic beats here in this movie for the guy who would be playing the Starlord next year.

Parks and Recreations has proven that this guy is definitely a keeper for comedic roles. Also I hear that he actually gained 60 pounds just to get into the role of Brett which is really interesting.  

- The plot might be a little dull but it's all those heartfelt scenes where Vaughn either does an "Act of Random Kindness" or plays Guardian angel that can really get you. The film's not a 'crier' but it'll touch a soft spot especially for would-be fathers, husbands and boyfriends. (I suddenly have this urge to call up my dad and play pool with him)

- There's a moral lesson in the movie. Somewhere here. Regardless, it's a really fun movie. Also don't do drugs, always go to work on time and don't use the delivery truck as your own personal vehicle, people are waiting for fresh cut meat dammit! 

DELIVERY MAN is a nice movie. It's got it's merits and while it's not going to be really, really stellar I can say that you can enjoy this a lot. Again, word of caution, the comedy bits are with Pratt not with Vaughn. That'll save you some grief. 

Verdict: 6.5/ 10

Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures for the photos and all that.  DELIVERY MAN opens Dec. 4

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