Saturday, November 30, 2013

Infinity # 6 Spoilers - Thanos' Final Fate

Infinity # 6 was nice but still not-that quite satisfying. But for something that was built to be this big, it shined brightly.

What's really interesting here was the ending to the Thanos plot thread. This was the big fight and it doesn't get any bigger with Captain America leading a handful of the most powerful members of his team against Thanos and what's left of his Order including Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive.

In the final pages of the Thanos chapter, we see Thor go head to head against Thanos...

Oh and Thane is also here watching his pappy's fight against the Avengers. That's when the whole face-turn-heel moment comes about...

So what exactly happened to Thanos after that flashing light?

Turned into amber no less by Thane. Same goes for Proxima Midnight.

It's living death for the organisms that gets Thane pissed off. The Avengers win, the Earth is saved and the galactic alliance return to their lives to rebuild. Meanwhile, the Illuminati adds in a new prize to their secret stash.

Thank you Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung and Dustin Weaver for this wonderful tale. It's on the upper echelons of good Marvel stories that have come out in the past two years or so. 

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