Thursday, November 21, 2013

Marvel Should Start Calling Spider-Man the Sadistic Spider-Man

I'm still hatin' on "Superior Spider-Man" for the sole reason that it's Slotto and not Peter Parker doing the driving. Credit where it's due Superior Spider-Man Annual # 1 with Christos Gage was fun as hell till somebody gets hurt. And that somebody happens to be the villain Blackout.

So what happens in this issue is that Blackout gets a hold of Aunt May and plans to bargain with Peter Parker who has apparently outed himself as Spider-Man's tech support. Blackout wants Parker to sabotage Spidey's tech to make sure that he wins.

The Superior Spider-Man catches on with this plot and beats Blackout and manages to save May Parker. Then this happens.

The torture of Blackout serves as a chilling reminder that Parker and his friends and family are off-limits.

While the story was good in fact it's satisfying, I have to put my foot down and say that the depiction of torture here was too much. It kinda left a bad taste in my mouth seeing how the once friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man has been depicted as a grey character.

Really this makes me cry. So sad.

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