Friday, November 15, 2013

Superman Beats up a Sun God - Superman/Wonder Woman # 2 Spoilers

I like Superman/Wonder Woman as a series because its a friggin' new element. It's a New 52 book which does what the New 52 intended to do, bring new stuff into the table. It does that with much gusto and with so much promise thanks to the characters and rogues from both the Superman and Wonder Woman books. Case in point Superman/Wonder Woman # 2.

The book is written by Charles Soule with art by Tony Daniels.

Solicit: Whom the gods destroy, first they piss off! Seeking help against Doomsday, Diana turns to her brother Hephaestus for weapons—but a more immediate threat is Apollo and the other gods. They do not approve of Superman as a consort to Diana, and he will have to prove himself in combat!

If you're looking for context here, Diana and Clark face off against Diana's family especially the new king of Olympus, Apollo.


Wonder Woman of course does not approve of her brothers' action against her boyfriend but before she can do anything, Clark is back on his feet.





While I enjoyed this scene very much, I must agree with the comments from the source, this was rather forced. Felt more likfe fan-service rather than an actual intelligent comic book fight. Of course the other comments were mean and rude but to hell with them. I liked this one.

Plus Strife's reaction to the beatdown was pretty too.

I'm picking up Superman/Wonder Woman # 1 and #2 during this weekend's Komikon. Hopefully they do have that on that convention.

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