Monday, December 9, 2013

Amazing Moments from Amazing X-Men # 2

I'm definitely good with Jason Aaron's current "Amazing X-Men" book and with issue # 2 shipping out last week, I just had to focus on this in a blog post. So here folks, are some of the best moments (IMHO) from Amazing X-Men # 2 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness.

1. Storm goes Ballistic on the demons


Left with no powers in hell, a very fierce Storm goes ballistic on the demons they are facing. You have to remember that Storm is no pushover. She once defeated Cyclops in a very serious fight without her powers.

2. A Peter Pan Reference


Resident semi-speedster Northstar also joins the fight somewhere in issue # 2 and he actually goes and give off this "Peter Pan" ish feel in his panel. Heck he's even asking if the demon pirates have a captain with a hook for his hand.

3. The Demon Pirate captains...


... are pretty cool. Hey was that Billy the Kid now having six arms manhandling Storm? Check out the knives on the other captain...


4. Iceman Freezes Hell

With nothing to loss, Bobby Drake cuts lose with his powers freezing the demonic horde and, he'll definitely make the Eagles proud what with "Hell freezes over" and stuff.

5. Professor X is in Heaven


One of the really weird things about AXM is the fact that the X-Men are totally oblivious to where they were teleported. Sure you can say that they were not expecting it but doesn't it seem to be a bit off-character to not be able to determine whatsoever where the blue imp-like bamfs have teleported them to. Firestar, Storm and Iceman even took a couple of pages to realize that they were in hell and all that. A bit of a suck that's all.

Oh and yeah, Professor X is making a cameo here in heaven as he's the voice of reason and logic Wolverine is hearing while clinging to dear life on a plank. (Yeah... don't ask)

Overall, I liked Amazing X-Men # 2 and I'm still at the edge of my seat waiting for how they'll overcome this new challege.


And eventually figure out a way to bring back Nightcrawler from the dead.

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