Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On Why Superman Isn't Solving Everything including World Hunger

Redditors are upvoting this particular panel from GREEN LANTERN # 149 where Superman is talking with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Another shippers delight I'm telling you

Solicit: Guest-starring the JLA! Kyle's newfound powers as Ion may be the only thing that can help the JLA stop an alien invasion! But if that's true, why doesn't the JLA approve of what Kyle is doing? Kyle is forced to look at the way his god-like actions are affecting the world around him. If Superman can't convince Kyle to think twice about his world-changing deeds, then who can?  Comicvine

*** Up to this day I'm still looking for a collected edition of this story arc, where Kyle first becomes Ion and he's going around and doing lots of good and the JLA had to make an intervention with Superman spewing some sense. ***

The issue was written by Judd Winnick (one of his better runs) and Dale Eaglesham. Here's the first cover. 

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