Monday, December 23, 2013

Thunderbolts Annual # 1 - That Time the Thunderbolts Went Dungeons and Dragons

... and that time when Frank Castle quipped about being The Punisher and also that time when S.H.I.E.L.D. reveals they have a magic department called W.A.N.D. All of this happens in Thunderbolts Annual.

Frank Castle Killing Frost Giants

Leave it to Frank Castle aka The Punisher to crack a surprisingly unfunny joke while felling frost giants in Jotunheim. That sounds awfully familiar but I just can't figure out where I've heard that before.


The Thunderbolts gets a little change of attire in this issue as well. If I may, I totally love Deadpool's costume. Reminds me so much of that "Deadpoolio" bit in the Deadpool game.

It's been awhile since anybody mentioned about Fear Itself and seeing Samuel Sterns aka Mr. Blue aka The Leader wearing a modified version of Iron Man's "The Mighty" armor made of uru metal, sure gave me a bit of smile. 
I'm sure this year's Thunderbolts Annual is still being sold in stores around the metro. Might as well get it. 

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