Wednesday, December 18, 2013

X-Men # 8 Spoilers - I Kissed a Girl

Cue Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" while reading this week's X-Men # 8 by Brian Woods and Terry & Rachel Dodson from Marvel Comics.

In a nutshell, Typhoid Mary steals Arkea from the Jean Grey School. Psylocke follows Mary, rescues John Sublime who spilled info on other places on Earth where Arkea might still be alive (because she's apparently dead already). The new Ladystrike and Typhoid Mary encounter Amora the Enchantress who also joins the party after being promised that she'll become more powerful than Odin himself.


Back at the school, Jubilee helps out Bling who apparently (a) has a crush on Jubilee (b) asked Mercury out on date. The whole conversation ends up with a kiss.


Let's do a double take.

Totally love Shogo's reaction to that kiss. As well as Mercury's 'turned on' look.


And next issue, we're promised a fight between the new Sisterhood and Psylocke which is pretty interesting. Brownie points since it's also drawn by Terry Dodson.


Grab your copy of X-Men # 8 from the local comic stores here in the PH like Comic Odyssey, Comic Quest, Druid's Keep and Dragon's Keep in Greenhills.


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