Friday, January 17, 2014

Lemire's Justice League United Adds New Members, Flies off to Space

The upcoming Jeff Lemire written Justice League Canada gets a major facelift as announced today. The book will become Justice League United (which was reported months ago by

According to Newsarama, the book will be bouncing between the team's new headquarters in Canada to outer space and it's thanks to new member Adam Strange and his Zeta beam. The first story arc will also feature an established roster with former JLA-ers Star Girl, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow with new members Animal Manm, Supergirl and Strange.

Thing about this is that the new version of Adam Strange isn't a space-McGyver but rather a science nerd that will share equal parts of heroism with his alien wife Alanna. Oh and the team will be visiting the planets Rann and Thanagar which might see the return of Hawkman into the fold.

Finally, the team will also introduce a new Canadian superheroine who joins the team shortly. We still don't know what she'll look like though.

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