Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Major Spoiler for Superior Spider-Man # 25

While the Carlie Cooper post wasn't much other than show you what's become of Peter Parker's ex, this post will give you an inkling of how Parker finally gets his body back.

Turns out the Venom symbiote mixed with SpOck is a volatile combination which is partly the reason why The Avengers are battling their teammate. In the thick of the battle Doc Ock spazzes out and thinks that he might not have thought his plan through, all the while trying to fight the symbiote who wants to devour Parker's body and take over for good.

Just when things start to go wrong, Peter Parker's force ghost makes an appearance (last we saw him was back in issue # 9 where Otto thought he had completely erased traces of Peter Parker from his psyche.)

Superior Spider-Man 25 Spoilers
It's got this near Dragonball Z vibe where Son Gokou's ghost appears out of nowhere and helps his friends

Superior Spider-Man 25 Spoilers

And boom! We have Peter Parker back (in one form or another)...

Superior Spider-Man 25 Spoilers

Before Doc Ock even notices, Pete slips back into the subconsciousness while SpOck claims innocence over his actions by telling that he's been a host of a sliver of symbiote for months now.

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