Monday, January 27, 2014

SPOILERS - Avengers World # 2

The fate of Smasher in the pages of Avengers World # 2 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer with art by Stefano Casseli.

In this issue we find out that Cannonball, Sunspot and Cannonball's girlfriend Smasher aka Izzie Dare have been captured by AIM. Sam and Bobby are critically injured and AIM Scientist Supreme Andrew Forson has decides to turn Smasher into her messenger. They set Izzie free and as she wanders around, she encounters the new environment that AIM has developed...

Avengers World (2014-) 002-017

While Izzie is slowly transforming, we find out that AIM has been in cahoots with the Entropic Man.

Avengers World (2014-) 002-020

Avengers World (2014-) 002-021

Poor Izzie. :( Thats now how you treat the granddaughter of Dan Dare.

Avengers World (2014-) 002-022

Whether this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing is something that is still up in the air. Hope this upgrade's for the better.

Avengers World # 2 is finally out in the market right now.

Avengers World (2014-) 002-000

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