Thursday, January 30, 2014

SPOILERS - Earth 2 Annual # 2

There's a lot to take in from this year's Earth 2 Annual with regards to the identity of the new Batman. For starters, it's Thomas Wayne behind the mask.

The book begins with Earth 2 Batman solving the mystery surrounding the death of Joe Chill, the man who gunned down his parents in Crime Row. Batman tracks down the mastermind but gets trumped by a masked man. He tracks said mystery man and has a confrontation with him. The man is revealed to be...


In this issue we find out that the Earth 2 version of Thomas Wayne had a criminal side job which ultimately led to the murder which orphaned Bruce Wayne and created Batman. Wayne survived and became a recluse...



He also tells Earth 2 Red Tornado aka Lois Lane and Hawkgirl that he's been shadowing Bruce ever since that time. He was present during the wedding of Bruce and Selina Kyle, the birth of Helena (who becomes the New 52 Huntress) and many more.






The issue was written by Tom Taylor with pencils by Robson Rocha.

Do you like how this plot point played out? Honestly, NO.

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