Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Storm and Nightcrawler's Near Romance in Amazing X-Men # 3

It's actually not a surprise that X-Men members Storm and Nightcrawler were supposed to be a couple before the former's untimely death during Second Coming but with his apparent return to the world of the living in Amazing X-Men, readers find out more about the never-happened couple. This is all thanks to Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness.

So basically, Storm was about to get some major hurt but was rescued by Nightcrawler and his bamfs at the last minute.

Amazing X-Men (2013-) 003-013

It's during this that we learn that Kurt and Ororo had a thing years back when they were still 'freshmen' at Charles Xavier's school.

Amazing X-Men (2013-) 003-015

Amazing X-Men (2013-) 003-017

Oh and they also kick ass...

Amazing X-Men (2013-) 003-016

So what do you think? Should we ship them once again? Problem is, Ororo is currently Logan's girl. Here's the cover lest I forget.

Amazing X-Men (2013-) 003-000

I love the cover, the action was great and we get to see just how surly and how dangerous The Beast can be when his hand is forced.

Amazing X-Men # 3 everybody. Get yours from your favorite local comic stores including Druid's Keep, Filbars, Comic Odyssey, Dragon's Keep, Planet X and Comic Quest.

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