Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wally West Set to Appear in the New 52

Fans have been clamoring for the return of Wally West (the second Flash and first Kid Flash from DC Comics) ever since the New 52 Reboot; and today we get exciting news, they are officially bringing him back.

USA Today provides some news for the return of the former Kid Flash. According to the scoop, Wally West will be appearing in issue number 30 of The Flash ongoing. The issue will be written by Green Lantern writer Robert Vendetti together with co-writer Van Jensen and artist Brett Booth.

Here's the cover for The Flash # 30:

The Flash by Brett Booth
Despite my excitement for the prospect of seeing Wally in the books again (I grew up with Wally as the Flash, thus making him MY Flash), there's this air of uncertainty seeing how DC Comics is doing a terrible job at 'reinventing' their characters. Case-in-point, the new back story for Bart Allen which is currently being told in Teen Titans # 25 - 27.

Update: I think we have what appears to be Wally's new costume...

The Flash Annual # 3

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