Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kate Upton in Zero Gravity is Amazeballs!

Today Gizmodo might just be raking up the traffic in terms of content as they just posted an entry featuring Sports Illustrated beauty Kate Upton in zero gravity. You read that right.

It's part of the promotional material for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition which has a zero G theme (because after having photoshoots in every beautiful island in the world, space is the final frontier) so we'll be seeing more of this within 2014 until the release of the issue.

Here's the video:

Take note, this was not taken in space but rather inside a big-ass (no pun intended) Airbus that has a drunken, doozy flight pattern...

The graph shows us that zero gravity is attained when the plane's nose reaches a 45 degree angle at an altitude of 30,000 to 32,000 feet. That weightless feel continues as the plane peaks and curves starting at 34,000 feet....

I'm no reporter for GMA's supreme science team/ website (yet) but you can get this 'zero g' feeling for a split second when riding a rollercoaster. Sometimes you just gotta love science. Still alive? Here's Kate U. again.

Go check out more photos of the gorgeous and bodacious (I'll never run out of adjectives!) Miss Upton in Gizmodo.

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