Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Top 5 Best Godzilla Fights

The second trailer for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' GODZILLA is out! From the early 1954 versions to the Millenium version, here's my top 5 picks for "The Best Godzilla Fights" in modern cinema.

So I dunno, I was kid when I started getting hooked with Godzilla and though I wouldn't call myself an expert I do know my Mothras from my Gigans and Space Godzillas from my Ghidorahs and for this list, that'll suffice. Let's go.

5. Godzilla vs Zilla

In Godzilla Final Wars, The King of Monsters squares off against 1998 Godzilla, now known simply as Zilla. Why they included this I'm not sure, what I do know is that it finally proves the point that the Dean Devlin- Roland Emmerich Godzilla is pathetic. I could probably hear cheers and claps with every smack Godzilla dishes out.

4. Godzilla vs Gigan (Final Wars)

This was a great (albeit short) fight for me because it showed us something, no matter how fancy your weapons are, you will never match the raw power of Godzilla.

3. Godzilla vs King Ghidorah/ Mecha Ghidorah

King Ghidorah is such an awesome baddie for Godzilla, it was also a cute trio of future dragons before they were sent to the past to be irradiated and transformed into the fearsome monster. It was also satisfying to have him go to mech form in one movie. I dunno, more bang for buck I guess considering how hard it was to see a Godzilla movie in a time when the Internet was just a big room in Silicon Valley.

On a sidenote even today, it's fricking hard to get a nice copy of any Godzilla movie. OK rant over. But be ready as we close this list down. Feels people, be ready for feels.

2. The Death of Godzilla Jr.

Godzilla Jr. gained a lot of fans in the film "Godzilla vs Destroyah" and the scoring was nice. I felt really bad when I first saw this. I literally had to pause and go have a cigarette break. Plus you knew there'd be hell to pay for Junior's death and Big Daddy G wasn't going to take it lightly.

1. The Death of Godzilla

Godzilla's Death - Recut by Jango-Zilla

This totally makes "Godzilla versus Destroyah" a must-buy for any self respecting Kaiju movie fan. Let me paint the scene here real quick, Godzilla's burning mad at the death of his son, Destroyah is still wreaking havoc and now he's body's not working properly. He goes on a sacrifice play to ensure that Destroyah dies.

So there, obviously, there's a whole lot more where that came from. Too bad I limited it to just five.

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