Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reasons to Pick Up Loki: Agent of Asgard

Loki: Agent of Asgard was surprisingly good. Here are several reasons why you really should pick up this book written by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett. Also spoilers here.

Here we go.

1. Loki Owns Thor

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-001

If you feel like Thor deserved some righteous smackdown in last year's Thor: The Dark World then you'll get your satisfaction knowning that Loki skewers Thor (not the way you're thinking) with a mythical sword.

2. One Direction-y Beefcake Moment

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-004

I have no idea what the hell Loki's singing but he does cement the idea that Hawkeye put forth later in the issue, that this version of Loki looks like a mix between Tom Hiddleston and a reject from One Direction.

3. Loki's Missions are Unseeming

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-018

This first issue set the tone for the book while under the direction of Al Ewing (who's really hitting all the high notes with this and Mighty Avengers). The missions might not seem much but it's very intricate. I really hope this becomes a constant on the book.

4.The All-Mothers Are Playing a Different Game

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-021

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-022

So yeah, we already know that the teenage Loki we're seeing is a new guy, so why are the All-Mothers bringing back the old, evil Loki back in the fold? Also, he looks horrendous too.You have to admit this'll really pique your curiosity.

There's a lot of other brilliant moments in this book but I have to stop lest I post the entire book. Just believe me when I say that this book truly delivers.

Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-000

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