Monday, February 24, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks Review

Caught "Saving Mr. Banks" courtesy of Ayala Malls and I must say it was worth my time.

credit: Walt Disney Studios
This movie follows the events that transpired in the initial development of the live-action Mary Poppins movie produced by Disney (the one starring Julie Andrews) featuring Academy Award winner Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers.


- You'll probably like the way the movie is laid out with events happening in the present and then getting flashbacks to flesh out the scene or the situation even more. Each segment is a fresh break and gives us insight into the life of the would-be Mary Poppins creator. Also this gives you something to look forward to in the movie that's basically a huge BTS or backstory to the creation of the Mary Poppins adaptation.

- Emma Thompson brought the house down on this one. The nitty-gritty act was fine and I couldn't see any other veteran actress taking (and owning) P.L. Travers. She can be fierce and 'assertive' and then sarcastic and 'mater-of-factly' with just a snap of fingers. And the wit, let's not forget the biting wit she does in the film. Thompson can also be funny here in this movie from time-to-time such as that scene with a Mickey Mouse stuffed doll.

- Tom Hanks is a nice touch as Walt Disney. A bit underused but hey, it's only once we see the dude doing an iconic role as the Mickey Mouse creator. Props too for actually bulking up to look the part.

- The whole segment featuring P.L. Travers' past as a child in Australia was great for me. It's sad and happy and everything in between. Really torn with how Colin Farrell's character ended and yes poor little Ginty was moving too.

- Massive props to the set design in this flick. Loved the 50s version of California here from the cars to the locales to even the old school Walt Disney logo used before the title card.

- The score and the music was just pure nostalgia. Seriously I tried looking for a copy of Mary Poppins but alas. Still nostalgia galore.


- Underutilized Tom Hanks. You already had Tom Hanks (Captain Philips) so why not give him more stuff, more interaction with Emma Thompson? Just a thought anyway.

- The drama element here was kind of lacking. I mean it's there but it could have used more punch. Still can't argue that much since the film was focused on the time of the initial development of Mary Poppins rather than focusing on the life of Travers.

- Storywise, we never did get a clear closure. Would have been nice to see what happened to these characters after the premiere of Walt Disney's Mary Poppins. That would have been really excellend and not left viewers wondering the fate of the characters they just invested two hours watching.

- It's also sad that they really underdeveloped specific characters here like Ruth Wilson's Margaret Goff, Rachel Griffith's Aunt Ellie. Sure their not big characters but they are important you know.


Overall I think I've had a good time watching Saving Mr. Banks. It's a nice 'secret history-esque' journey on a property that's been loved by people in so many different forms be it in book, movie or broadway. The magic of Mary Poppins will continue to live on and THIS movie is more the 'spoonful of sugar' that sweetens the entire Mary Poppins experience.



SAVING MR. BANKS opens February 6 from Walt Disney Studios Philippines, Columbia Pictures Philippines and will exclusively run in all Ayala Malls nationwide.

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