Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Pixar Movies-Exist-In-One-Universe Theory and Involved Time Travel

I've come across with the Pixar timeline theory once again. Yes, it's a bit dated already dear readers but it's still worth looking into. It postulates that all the elements seen in the various Disney-Pixar movies connect to one another. It also involves a lot of sentient animals, history, a bad mega-corporation and sentient machines and vehicles. Don't take it in too much though and just enjoy the ride.

It's interesting to note that there are some semblance of 'truth' in the story but one can't help but think that this is all 'over-reading' things.

There's a longer and more complex version of this theory which also posits that technology also saw the Supers from The Incredibles as a threat and as such made a way to take them out slowy (which is the reason why Mr. Incredible's clan was the only left).

Leave a comment if this sounds credible or if it's really just what it was branded to be, a conspiracy theory of sorts.

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