Friday, June 15, 2012


Who won the matches for AvX Vs # 3 written by Jeph Loeb and Chris Yost with art by Ed McGuiness and Terry Dodson.

The first battle was quite the powerhouse fight. The Thing versus The Juggernaut/ Colossus.  Unfortunately for Benjamin J. Grimm, he gets clobbered outside the Blue Area of the Moon. 

Scratched that, he wasn't clobbered, he got socked good with a powerful haymaker from Peter. 

Obviously, we have a winnah!

Meanwhile in another area, Colossus little sister Magik battles another Russian femme fatale - Black Widow. 

The two battle in Limbo but just when Natasha dropped her guard down, this happens.

Damn son! That's one wicked blade/ Soul Sword Magik's been swinging around. This might be the reason why she was one of the Phoenix Five. 

This leads to the winner being Magik. Although I honestly think for this battle all the fanboys won because of the art provided by Terry Dodson. CHEESECAKE ALL THE WAY!

Special thanks to Comicx Hub

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