Friday, June 28, 2013

First Look at the Characters from Darren Aronofsky's Noah Movie

Massive respect for Darren Aronofsky; the guys a brilliant director and although not all his films equate blockbuster returns, they have depth and meaning that other directors miss out on. That being said, I'm giving his next film "Noah" a try. Here's our first look at the characters in the film including main star Russell Crowe playing the legendary ark builder.

Russell Crowe


Comments: Shouldn't he be holding a hammer rather a dirk? The Noah stories my mom told us when we were kids felt like a jolly (and sometimes very drunk) old man. So why is he all Jor-El mode again? Still, this is Maximus we're talking about so better shut up.

Ray Winstone


Comment: Can't figure out how to look at Ray Winstone. On one side, he's this fierce Viking warrior in Beowulf and the next he's that traitor in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Still good choice if you want menacing, semi-old warrior.

Jennifer Connely


Comments: What the fuck happened to Jennifer Connely? She was beautiful in "A Beautiful Mind" moreso in Ang Lee's crappy "Hulk" movie. So why does she look faded??? Maybe that's what the script calls for.

Logan Lerman


Comments: You can't talk about mythology and deity stories without having to chuck in Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson). He just has to be in this film. Plus it also involves flooding and death so it could be that he's asking his pappy ol' Ned Stark himself to bring the rain.

Emma Watson


Comment: OK we're screwed. After Percy Jackson calls the floods, Hermione Granger's casting the Cruciatus curse on the animals. Just joking.

Anthony Hopkins


Comments: Oh gawd, why did they have to add in Anthony Hopkins, let alone cast him as one of those wise-old-men. Hey for all we know, he could actually be Yahweh here. Something that might be interesting. Still I personally miss the old Hannibal Lecter Hopkins. Oh and Odin doesn't seem so bad as well.

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