Thursday, June 27, 2013

DC Planning to Hurt Nightwing in Forever Evil

Nightwing aka Dick Grayson may have dodged a major bullet back in "Infinite Crisis" thanks to fan support after news broke that Dan Didio wants to off the original Robin; but it looks like the character is in once again for September's Forever Evil event.

Nightwing Cover

Bleedingcool ran an article regarding how Nightwing will figure into the whole 'Villain Month' and how Dick would be one of the first few heroes that going to suffer badly from this new rising threat.

If this is true then I will seriously hate Didio for his unchecked hatred for Dick. Leave the guy alone Dan. Also this makes me wonder if the guy is either a Jason Todd fan or a Tim Drake one? So far, those two have been left untouched with no threat to their fictional life whatsoever.

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